12' x 4' Multi Action Drag Chain Harrow - Overall 96" Long - 1/2"
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12' x 4' Multi Action Drag Chain Harrow - Overall 96" Long - 1/2"

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Multi Action Chain Link Drag Harrow || Complete With Heavy Duty Universal Draw Bar, Chain &  Ring || It is easy to use and handle || Perfect Results || No Lubrication or Adjustments required || Use Behind ATV, Lawn Tractor, Pickup, Tractor or Behind farm implements for one pass coverage ||
  • 1045 Carbon Steel. Includes Heavy Duty Universal Drawbar With Pull Chains & Tow Ring
  • 1/2"x 4" long tines. 12' Wide x 4' Long ( Two 6' wide or Three 4' wide or One 12' wide x 4' long Harrow Sections )
  • Power Required To Pull = 12HP. TOTAL WEIGHT 253 Lbs.
  • APPLICATION - The Chain harrow is ideal for the horse and cattle farmers that are spreading manure to help control parasites, for preparing seed beds, covering seed beds to enhance germination, harrowing in fertilizer on hay fields to assure a faster, more vigorous re-growth, incorporating herbicides, root raking, pasture renovation, Riding ring and paddock maintenance, land leveling, knocking down ant hills and gopher holes, landscaping and driveway maintenance.
  • EASY CHANGE OVER OF ACTIONS - It is easy to change over tilling actions from aggressive to less aggressive or vice versa with convenience of removing pull drawbar and putting together on opposite end of the harrow section.
Picture is of 8' wide harrow but you will get Harrow as described above.
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Patricia H on Mon, 09 Dec 2019

No muss, cool product and free shipped to my door. Thanks

Lee J on Fri, 02 Nov 2018

Best piece of equipment i have, pasture looking the best in the world.

Ralph C on Wed, 21 Mar 2018

rightly priced neat chain harrow good quality product

Matt M on Tue, 18 Nov 2014

harrow works great good online shopping experience