3 Point Double Bale Spear attachment - CAT 1-2 - 2 x 49" Prongs
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Double Prong 3 Point Hay Bale Spear Attachment  - CAT 1-2. Good for handling any size, weighing up to 3000 lbs. round and square hay bales.

  • Includes - Two High Tensile 49 Inch Long Replaceable Square Tapered Spear ( Usable Length 44 In )
  • Also Includes - Cat-1 Lift Arm Pins - 2, Top Link Hitch Pin & Lynch pins.
  • Cat-2 Lift arm Pins Not Included - Buy Separately
  • APPLICATION - Handling Round and Square Hay Bales. Net Weight 86 Lbs.
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  • Answer:
    • As shown in the picture lower lift arm pins are in Cat-1 setting and are 26" apart. For Cat-2 setting  you can put Cat-2 pins externally  and those will be 32 inch apart. 
      By seller on 2018-Dec-09
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